I live alone. I haven’t worked a job as most people know them in several years, but I’m making due. I’m building a homestead in Anchorage. I’ve dubbed it Jupiter Garden. I’m hosting people from all over, gearing up to host classes on homesteading, and frontier living practices.

Feel free to read this. But be warned. I write to reflect on all aspects freely to hash out things that don’t seem simple to me. It’s great to have a sounding board, and be able to put away thoughts to revisit later and reflect on. Because this blog is public, my deepest and most sincerest thoughts might not be available.

That said, the contents of these pages are somewhat uncensored and can be offensive if you are sensitive. If you want the professional side of what I do, check out these pages:


Not saying this blog is unprofessional, but just in case. Understand if I’m writing on a personal topic, it’s only a glimpse of one aspect of how I can perceive them, that doesn’t necessarily reflect my whole opinion or the true depth of understanding about something. Like life, each thought becomes a draft, a prototype for the next.

I often find myself exploring more than one opinion on a subject and the one I write first is not necessarily the most important, just the one I happen to be writing at the time.